PreSchool Lessons

The Burning Bush | Exodus 3


Lesson Goal:
To teach children that God is holy – this means He is special in every way - even His name is special. Because God is holy, we should worship Him with our whole heart.

Opening Prayer:
Dear God, as we learn about Moses and the burning bush, teach us about how You are holy. Help us to worship You with our whole heart! In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

 Bible Memory Verse:

 Psalm 9:10a (NLT)
10 "Those who know your name trust in you."

Verse Memory Tips: (have your preschooler repeat the verse with you using the following hand/body motions:)

● “Those Who Know” - Point to your temples.
● “Your Name” - Pretend to write big letters in the sky.
● “Trust” - Give yourself a hug
● “In You” - Point to the Sky


Today's Bible Story:

Video Courtesy of Sharefaith Kids

Lesson Review:

1. What kind of animals did Moses take care of? (Sheep….baaaaa)
2. Then Moses saw something amazing! (A burning bush)
3. Who was in the burning bush? (God!)
4. What did God tell Moses to do? (Take off his shoes)
5. Why did God tell him to do that? (Because God is holy)
6. What special thing did God tell Moses? (His Name)
7. What is the name of God’s Son? (Jesus!)


Dear God, thank You for this amazing story we learned about today. Help us to remember that You are holy, and You deserve to be worshiped with our whole heart. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.


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