Back To Church Survey

Back To Church Survey

The closure of our church due to the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted each and every family in our congregation. We are currently assessing when it is safe to return to in-person worship and how we can safely conduct personal worship based on current CDC, state, and local guidelines.


Based on these guidelines, services held in our facilities can only accommodate 125 people including our staff. Because of seating limitations and our desire to accommodate all, we anticipate that members will only be able to participate in one in–person worship service per month when we reopen. We have no current date set to re-enter worship.


Please complete the following survey no later than Monday, August 10, 2020.


Will you return to in-person church services in 2020?
If you plan to return to in-person worship, indicate your choice of (1) Sunday to participate in in-person worship services.
Please indicate your first choice of Sunday you would prefer to attend service?
Please indicate your second choice of Sunday you would prefer to attend service?